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A coaching service provided by Ken Barber

hereticsAs a former competitive athlete, I was privileged to travel for many years internationally and enjoyed many rich experiences including representing Great Britain in the Montreal Marathon and clocking a 2:22:21 time in the ’81 running of the Seattle Marathon. As a coach, I have covered the spectrum and assisted many athletes from complete novices (always fun!) through USA Masters champions (who taught me that I can teach an old dog new tricks).

However, for the past 25 years, I have been more engaged in the marathon of life. This has included settling in the USA, having a family and raising our five children. For 12 years, we ran our own business, and these days, when I am not working at my current job in downtown Seattle, I write.


The “busyness” of family obliged me to step back from involvement in athletics unless it directly involved our children in their endeavors, ice skating, Little League etc. However, I now have some time to dedicate to assist people in the identifying and achieving of their running goals and would enjoy freeing them up mentally and physically so that they can cheerfully maximize their abilities and resources in the pursuit and maintenance of their objective.


Why not?


Life is about flourishing where you find yourself.

I respect the discipline required to adhere to training regimens but disdain mindless repetition and conformity – each individual has their own unique path to travel.

Be assured, I can help you. I would invite you to fill in the questionnaire below and then attend a training session with me. Don’t worry—the workout will be very light physically, but it will be enlightening.

As a former, even manically, dedicated athlete, I respect whatever your goal might be. As a husband and father, I believe that the efforts of “ordinary” people to maximize their health and safeguard the future of themselves and their families is as noble an athletic pursuit as any. But if you really, really, REALLY long for Olympic gold, I can help you on that journey too.

 All information given is private and confidential:


First name:

Athletic goal:

Previous athletic experience and achievement::

Medical and physiological challenges:

In your own words, please define what is "a race." (There are no wrong answers.)


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