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Welcome. You might think that you came to this page because you followed up on the website address found at the back of Face the Wind. You might think you found your way here because Choir of Heretics was recommended to you by a friend. You might think that you simply stumbled upon this page by chance or through a series of chances.

HereticsHowever, the truth is there are no accidents, and everything, even our most casual or our most considered decisions, are ultimately Divine appointments in disguise.

This is not said to minimize or dismiss the consequences of seemingly random acts both big and small or to scoff at decisions made with an overwhelming sense that they might have profound effects upon ourselves and the lives of others.

In no way is it being suggested that the lessons we are learning through the sometimes tragic and sometimes glorious affairs of life are to be discounted—far from it.

What is being said is that every single thing, about all of us, all of the time, has deliberate, exquisite, and loving purpose.

Let’s be clear on this: God, a loving Father, did not simply “permit” or “allow” things to happen to you—He meant it. Every last bit of it.

If this thought is too foreign or too painful for you to consider, it does not change the fact that we are all embraced by something much greater and far more beautiful than any or all of us can imagine.

If we continue to plumb the depths of this thought, we will find ourselves unavoidably drawing from and, miraculously, adding to, the deep and limitless joy that awaits us all.

Nice to meet you.

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