Out of thin air?

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Often, in an attempt to glorify the power of God, it is ascribed to Him that He created everything out of nothing. However scripture, that is, His revelation of Himself, contradicts this assumption.

A loving Father could never be satisfied by a mere show of strength (although it is reassuring to know that, after all, He is the Almighty), no, His purpose is to win every heart.

“All things were created in Him.”
“Everything subsists in Him.”
“Everything came out of Him.”

These are just three of many profoundly illuminating pronouncements that, although they are ridden roughshod over by the carnal mind, nonetheless reveal a Creator Who is all wrapped up in His creation.

This makes everything very, very Personal. Creation is an all or nothing enterprise it is not the foible or plaything of a disembodied force or a detached entity.

This speaks not only to God’s intimate relationship with all things but also to this, if He is ever to bring peace and reconciliation He must bring it to all things, or He would be and remain a very conflicted Deity. Yin and yang are the pretentious little bastard twins of the dualistic carnal mind that utterly fall short of, and deny, the true One – and our oneness in Him.

This is why Jesus, Who ever lives to glorify and to show us the Father, is called the Prince of peace. This thing called ‘time’, a construct of creation, is merely His gracious condescension wherein we are ALL together afforded the ability to fully realize this astounding and glorious truth.

When you are in Spirit, time and space and everything therein, is transcended* and reconciliation becomes, not merely a goal to be pursued, but, in this present age, the expression of true life and love. Anything and everything else outside of this reality is quite literally ‘hell’ = ‘not knowing’.

Air is not thin, it is full of God’s purpose, only believe.

Go on, breathe deep.

See you around.

* Some are challenging Einstein’s edict that the speed of light is the speed limit of the universe and that it cannot be broken. Of course it can. It can be, and is, transcended. Check out the next ‘Glimpse’, ‘A trip down memory lane’.

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