A trip down memory lane

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When we are in Spirit the elements of time and space, and everything that is contained within them, are transcended.

In less than the blink of an eye we can span millennia and travel two thousand years to the land of Israel to the place where Jesus walked “with His face set like flint to Jerusalem”, and wonder at His selfless resolve and determination as He pressed forward knowing that He was going to place Himself in the hands of callous, murderous and wicked men who were unwitting instruments of the power of darkness at its very height.

We can watch Jesus advance step-by-purposeful-step toward the foreboding gates of hell and observe that even the few who were with Him were oblivious to His mission, as they wrangled and squabbled amongst themselves about who would sit where and reign over who once Jesus got to Jerusalem, and kicked some Roman butt, and set up His kingdom.

Can you imagine a more solitary and utterly misunderstood figure?

The good book tells us that Jesus “endured the shame of the cross because of the joy that was set before Him.” Even though everyone else was absolutely ignorant and stupid to the import and depth of what The Lord was doing He was established in the peace of knowing that He did not come to do His will but to do the will of His Father.

But can you also apprehend in Spirit that the sometimes dusty and sometimes muddy roads of Palestine are lined deeper than the eye can see with every human-being that has lived, is living, or ever will live, and that every angelic being, every spirit that ever was, or is, or will be, is filling the air above this innumerable throng?

Then, staying in Spirit, can you imagine that all of these members of God’s creation have gathered, with us, as pilgrims from across the eons and from the farthest reaches of the universe to applaud Jesus on His journey? The awestruck anticipation of the countless multitude who await Jesus in joyous expectation is an homage to Him, Who, as He passes by unleashes an exultant, unbridled, unquenchable, explosion of thanksgiving from within those assembled as they celebrate and acclaim the magnificent and triumphant career of Jesus THE lover of our souls and THE Champion of the universe.

Furthermore, Jesus willingly suffered as the most undeserving victim in order to impart by the Spirit that He was not just with us and amongst us back then but that He is IN us now, THE Victor over every enemy, including the last enemy, death. The shackles of misfortune, guilt, shame, abuse, persecution, and tragedy have been shattered. Walk on in forgiveness and gratitude and be at peace with exactly who you are in Him right now.

It could be observed that it is 12:19 am on a Tuesday morning in December in Seattle and that I am sat up in bed silently tapping away on my keyboard, but in Spirit I am not. Actually I am weeping quiet tears of joy because without waking my wife, I am, by grace, being enabled to gather with and prefer and consider you. Please step off that dusty or muddy road that you are treading today, and see The Lord take dominion over all that concerns you and me – which includes everything and everyone.

. . . I simply have to leave off writing here, my little heart is fit to bust. If you are in an appropriate setting to give full voice then please let rip on behalf of all those who are yet to believe or who, like me, are otherwise restrained, and blow the lid of this joint and give Him ALL the glory.

If you are feeling alone or misunderstood remember this, there is One Person in the universe Who knows exactly what you are going through, and why, and all of His thoughts are full of compassion and, if you need it, forgiveness.

See you around.

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