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“Jesus is my personal Savior” is a religious boast that cannot be found anywhere in scripture, but the following can:

“Faithful is the saying and worthy of all welcome (and for this we are toiling and be reproached), that we rely on the living God, Who is the Savior of all mankind, especially* of believers.” 1 Timothy 4:9-10.

It does not say, the living God Who is the ‘potential’ Savior of all mankind.

It does not say, the living God Who is the ‘prospective’ Savior of all mankind.

It does not say, the living God Who is the ‘wannabe’ Savior of all mankind.

It does say, the living God Who IS the Savior of all mankind.

The work of salvation, as Jesus declared on the cross “is finished.” Mankind IS saved, it is just a question of whether you enjoy knowing this or not.

The only way to believe this is by grace, through the gift of faith. If you have not been chosen to be blessed with faith the scripture quoted above is at best a nice concept but it could strike you as absolute foolishness, an absurdity, a fanciful platitude.

In which case you may be interested to learn that the spiritual place you are in right now is actually and very accurately known as ‘hell’ (the place of ‘not knowing’ – far from being a crazy mythical future threat of eternal conflagration hell is a present condition of spiritual ignorance and isolation). Cold out there ain’t it? In fact, if this is the state you are currently in, you could say that hell has indeed, for you, frozen over. (Don’t worry though, Jesus “has the keys of hell and of death” and His love is so powerful it’s going to thaw and melt every heart).

Maybe you are yet to be a recipient of this gift but should it be granted to you it will not come by any act of your will or because you do, or do not, deserve it. Furthermore, the really Good News is that should you not be given the gift of faith in this mortal lifetime you will in the fullness of time “see Him as He is”, and then you will believe not by faith but by sight.

It will be a very personal experience to you, but you will not be enjoying it in isolation, all of mankind will be with you, which is why I can very cheerfully say:

Jesus is not my personal Savior.

Jesus is the Son of the living God Who is the Savior of ALL mankind. . .

Which also means that I can also very cheerfully say,

See you around.

* The word ‘especially’ decidedly does not mean ‘exclusively’, it means ‘firstly and foremostly’ which is why we who are blessed to believe are referred to in 1 Corinthians 15 as “the first-fruits”, meaning there is a bumper-crop coming.

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