‘Free’-will: The last fig leaf of the self-righteous.

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Why would anybody dismiss even the possibility of the incredibly good news of the salvation of all mankind? Well, it is true that a calloused heart would have difficulty in wishing for a transcendently and permanently happy outcome for all, especially if it included its enemies, but there is a deeper and even more sinister motivation that conspires with the carnal hardheartedness that can beset us all.

It is this – the reconciliation of all things relies absolutely, completely and totally on the will of God and not at all, not one bit, on the will of man, thus insulting the pride of his flesh. How humbling but oh how liberating is this thought.

This pride is evidenced in all institutions because they are utterly dependent for their existence on the works and applause of men who cloak their agendas in religious talk and formalisms, who venerate the ‘noble’ decisions and choices of their tiny little minds above the love and power of God.

Every division, sect, denomination, cult, and schism (including that most preposterous and bare-faced ‘ism’, atheism), will find itself opposing or minimizing the finished work of Christ.

. . . and they are all in the plan of God!

. . . and at times I catch myself right there with them, a trophy of God’s inexhaustible grace, a legend in my own mind. I can’t help it, this mortal and finite frame cannot possibly embrace or express the eternal and the infinite, though, by God’s grace I am quite literally dying to try.

This is why the believer should be looking forward to appearing before Christ, it will be the banishment of every obstacle and subterfuge that limits our understanding and enjoyment of Him.

Can you hear the fearless, and cheerful confession of man’s incapacity to comprehend, let alone execute, the works of God as so beautifully captured in the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Hallelujah’?

“Even though it all went wrong,
I’ll stand before the Lord of song,
with nothing on my tongue but,

Psalm 2 declares, “He Who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord holds His enemies in derision.”

Have you been blessed to hear the inside joke? If so, well, you gotta laugh at the fig-leaves, don’tcha?

See you around.

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