Barefoot and pregnant . . . with prayer

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Prayer acknowledges God, and acknowledging God humbles the flesh, so let’s take off our shoes as we tip-toe on holy ground.

One of the questions that frequently gets asked is, “If God is Sovereign and His purpose and plan are going to be accomplished anyway, why bother praying?”

This writing was prompted by a dear brother, Neil Allen, who responded to the above query this morning at our weekly Saturday breakfast.

He gave this answer, “Because the Father wants us to participate in His will being accomplished.”

Implicit in his reply is the understanding that we are one with Him. In fact, in Spirit, we, corporately, are the One, and as the body of Christ we are Jesus Christ in flesh in the earth. Each of us individually may have our moments where we feel and act very un-Christlike, but the faith of God in Christ that is within us, by grace, overwhelms sin, and thus that very grace of God is manifest – not just to ourselves, not just to humanity, but universally before all spiritual powers and principalities.

In short, the grace of God is Jesus.

If that is too metaphysical please forgive me. God understands our frailty and He can handle being appealed to as ‘the great vending machine in the sky’ but always our requests are to be made respectfully and with thanksgiving.

If your prayer is a simple request then it will be answered in one of the following manners:

YES – If you are praying in accord with His will.

NO – If you are not praying in accord with His will.

LATER – If it is in accord with His will, but it is not yet His time.

That being said, I would simply reiterate Neil’s observation, and pray “Because the Father wants us to participate in his will being accomplished”, knowing that the real prize is knowing Him. We are to worship the Giver and not the gift, in so doing Christ, Who is conceived in us, develops and matures as we grow in the knowledge that He knows and loves us, and that we are one.

See you around.

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