“Goodnight sweet prince.”‏

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The stories shared on this website are usually drawn from my long-lost youth because time has given me more perspective to reflect on some of the sometimes subtle and sometimes ridiculously stupid religious antics I engaged in and Who got me out of them – and I have become a little better at laughing at myself.

This following episode, however, occurred only a couple of years ago, which goes to prove how much we continue to need each other to pierce through spiritual darkness and be set free from the vanity of our own minds.

I wonder how this current adventure will measure on the ‘comi-religious’ scale twenty years from now? More to the point, what will The Lord reveal on that great and wonderful day when everything that has been done will be “tried as if by fire”?

Anyway, about a couple of years ago sometime between 2am and 3am in the morning, I was wide awake and was wrestling, as I had been for several nights, with a multitude of issues – and the demons of anxiety were in full attendance.

I had already caught myself unconsciously sighing a couple of times. A few more minutes of this torment, I thought, and I will have to go downstairs before the sweat that I woke up with will soak through and drench my pajamas and wake up my wife Candace.

Having resigned myself to the forlorn hope that I might be able to snatch an hour or two of sleep on the couch before having to face another workday morning, I prepared to slip as quietly as possible out of bed.

And then I heard a quiet, familiar but authoritative voice, a voice that I did not ordinarily hear at that time of the morning, and this time the voice was audible and not without compassion, “You’re awake aren’t you?”

It was Candace.

My already sleep-deprived and frantically exhausted brain groped for words of brevity knowing that as kindly as she had posed her question I was on a short leash. “Yes,” I replied quietly in my best ‘long-suffering but humble man of God tone’, “I was asking God for grace and mercy.”

In response, and without any hesitation my wife immediately began to roll over, and with her back turned to the epic of my heroic nocturnal struggle, she uttered with finality, “Stop asking for grace and mercy and start thanking Him.”*

This is where I would like to say I laughed ’til it hurt, but actually it hurt ’til I laughed.

See you around.

* “Her price is above rubies.” Proverbs 31.

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