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“Goodnight sweet prince.”‏

The stories shared on this website are usually drawn from my long-lost youth because time has given me more perspective to reflect on some of the sometimes subtle and sometimes ridiculously stupid religious antics I engaged in and Who got me out of them – and I have become a little better at laughing at […]

Requiem for a theologian

No matter how much of the Bible is quoted and appealed to if it is systematized to accommodate the strictures of the carnal mind it opposes God because “The natural mind cannot receive the things of the Spirit, indeed it is opposed to them.” And there, in one verse, is the reason why there has […]

A dear John letter

If you are getting anything out of these writings, it is a testimony to a God Whose strength is made perfect in our weakness. But for all that I have written or that I may indeed ever write, I don’t think I could say anything more profound than my friend John Bailey spoke to me […]