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The gospel according to The Rolling Stones

So there I was a young believer in a borrowed car heading north on I-5 and I had just turned on the radio. My own car radio was preset to either an AM Christian teaching station or an FM Christian music station, nothing else. Not only that, but about two years earlier I had smashed […]

Mephibosheth dances.

Jonathan, the son of king Saul of Israel, and David, the man anointed to be the next king of Israel had a friendship, we are told, that transcended the love of men and women. This friendship also transcended power politics. Knowing that the customary fate of former or unsuccessfully opposing dynasties was annihilation the two […]

Double major.

When it comes to the revelation of God whenever titles or credentials are appealed to for veracity or authority, we should be very wary. Respect should be accorded those who have labored in the word, but does it really matter if or where theological ‘bona fides’ are gained? How many theologians does it take to […]

Jonathan Edwards was a clown.‏

(To the tune of ‘London Bridge is falling down’). (Opening refrain & Chorus) Jonathan Edwards was a clown, was a clown, was a clown, Jonathan Edwards was a clown, and he don’t scare me. Seriously though, what a joke, what a frightened, silly bloke. He set loose hell’s rabid hounds, but where sin increases, God’s […]

Evilution: A study in contrasts.

God as the Absolute Being knows all things, all the time. “He knows the end from the beginning.” We, however, obviously do not possess this complete knowledge. In this created phenomena called ‘time’ we are being equipped for eternity, and we are learning, “line upon line, precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little […]


As a believer in Jesus as the Son of God, my task in life–along with my companions in the body of Christ–is to be an ambassador of peace. This does not mean pacifism or an armed neutrality, although it can appear that way at times. No, it is a positive expression of transcendent, overcoming life. […]

What the hell is hell?

In some parts of England, the practice of heaping a mound of earth on top of freshly planted potatoes to protect them from frost is still called ‘helling’. The same term is also used when thatching a cottage; it is called ‘helling’ a roof. It means to ‘cover’ or ‘hide’. The words ‘heel’ and ‘helmet’ […]

A case of stolen identity.

A war party of Native Americans were closing in on the Lone Ranger and Tonto, whom they had surrounded in a small outcrop of rocks. The Lone Ranger turned to his faithful sidekick and said, “That was my last silver bullet, old friend. Looks like we are in trouble.” Tonto, ripping off his buckskins replied, […]