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Crossing the great divide.

In the garden of Eden duality is found in the very expression of God’s intent to create mankind, “Let US make THEM in our image.” One of the plaintive cry of the ’70′s was, “We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” (Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) Really? Have we suffered and endured through […]

Strike three!

I awoke one Sunday morning with not one but three scriptures hammering in my heart. “Oh no!” I thought, “Please Lord, don’t do this to me.” On previous occasions when I had experienced a similar turbulence in my chest, it occurred shortly before I felt constrained to deliver a message to a meeting or gathering […]

An offer I couldn’t refuse.

Back in the 80′s on Saturday mornings a few athletes that I coached mid-week who were not off racing somewhere that weekend would come over to a little house I lived in just off Greenlake in Seattle, and we’d chat about running, races, training, and life in general. As one of our get-togethers was wrapping […]

Seeing is believing.

Ten terrified and very confused men are gathered together in a room, and it’s the third day since their leader has been publicly and brutally executed. And suddenly He turns up! He doesn’t berate, chastise, or humiliate them or cast them into “outer darkness.” Instead He says, “Peace” – and He means it. On four […]

Redeeming Time.

The truth of God is not arrived at through conjecture or reasoning or consensus. It is pure Spirit, it is dispensed Sovereignly by Him and it is not subject to the acceptance or the assent of men. It is not a debate; it is a declaration. There is a bumper sticker that says: God said […]

An Unqualified Success.

Maybe it was because I was flying at 30,000 feet in a 747, but I really believe I heard God speak very clearly to me. This is what I heard, “So what was your big mistake when you flew into England nine months ago?” Well, that didn’t take long for me to figure out. “I […]


Jesus said to His disciples, “The mighty ones amongst the nations lord it over one another, but let it not be so amongst you.” …and some are given as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers. The group found in the latter quote are referred to in some circles […]

Can You Hear from God?

Over 20 years ago in a fledgling church in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma, I had the great privilege of addressing a small gathering on Friday nights. It was a mixed group, but the commonality was that each member had undergone, or indeed was undergoing, distress. I was armed with a relatively recent but total […]

Strip, Serve, and Die

The epitome of love, and sacrificial service, and of all that is good, is not only found but flows from the cross of Christ. I wish I had the words and so much more understanding and appreciation of all that Jesus did there – but then that, after all, is something that we must all […]

Bon Appetit.

What’s brown, comes out of a cow, and sounds like a bell? Dung!!! What word in the English language rhymes with “pul-pit?” Let’s continue looking at the phenomena of those who give their callings, or professed callings, titles. Nowadays their collective noun is “the Clergy.” When Jesus’ walked the muddy and dusty roads of Israel […]