Resurrection Blues (I’ll See You Around)

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Another course of chemo’,

this’ll be my final round,

figure that by this time next year

I’ll be planted in the ground.



Gotta go now,
no time to be profound,
but don’t you know this ain’t “Goodbye”,

I’ll see you around … I’ll see you around … I’ll see you around


In the shadow of gallows at Belsen,

shackled I schlep up the steps,

but this ain’t my final curtain,

know this, an’ don’t forget …



Packed in the bus like cattle

we’re doin’ what’s gotta be done,

bein’ driven ‘n worked to anonymous deaths,

“My stop!  See ya’ – gotta run!”



A little bit light in the loafers,

out of step and out of hope,

so I thought I’d go and hang with God

from the end of a piece of rope.



Guts spread in the snow like confetti,

I was runnin’ as fast as I can,

stepped on an improvised explosive device

how’d I wind up in Afghanistan?



Pushed against life just too hard

tried to drown out the struggle with fun,

drowned in my puke after shooting bad shit (pc-stuff)

don’t hate me for bein’ young and dumb.



The forceps come together

they planned to flush me down their drain,

can’t you hear my heart a-cryin’

“Momma, I’ll see you again.”



Every life’s another verse

every life’s a song,

sing it here and the other side

brother, we all belong!


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