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Two Sons Meet in Eternity.

The following is not recounted from a dream or a vision but results from my own musings. Furthermore, “no eye has seen nor has any heart imagined the great things that God has laid up.” However, imagine this: Two men meet in heaven, one was the product of a wonderful home. His father raised him […]


Expert textpert choking smokers Don’t you think the joker laughs at you? I am the walrus. -The Beatles When science and God’s word are at variance or in direct contradiction then either bad science or bad theology have been appealed to – or both. For instance, Roman Catholic theology misapplied gracious condescensions from the Father-heart […]

Every Single Member!

Every single member of mankind is made in the image of God. Each one is a representation of the unlimited variety of our Creator, and being a fractal of Him, each one is of inestimable worth and potential. However, through the subtleties of political correctness this diversity is not only NOT being celebrated, it is […]

Gone Fishin’.

First, the simple recounting of a dream: I was strolling down a path that followed a river. On the riverbank were anglers, each of whom had a neat pile of fish next to them. Some had more fish, some had less, but they were all quite happy and content with their catches. Then suddenly I […]

The Case for Heresy.

heresy: an opinion or doctrine contrary to church dogma. Let us go unto Him outside the camp bearing His reproach. It may not come as too big a surprise for you to know that the quote immediately above is taken from the Bible, and it may not take a ton of spiritual discernment to figure […]

Bathsheba’s Tears

(A ballad learned from David) Detached, aloof, the king holds court, wisdom fills his years, then all at once a glance – betrayed! The sum of all his fears. A man, a wretch, a fool undone, beauty grinds its gears, a once proud heart now reduced, drowning in Bathsheba’s tears. The noble warrior cries within, […]

Declaration of Intent.

Okay, you have either zeroed in on this posting because you don’t have the time or patience for any more BS, or you have enjoyed or been provoked by something that you have read previously and this posting was next in line. As always – pleased to meet you. Here we go: Face the Wind […]

The Wizard of Is.

President Bill Clinton famously stated, “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” By playing games with the past and present tense, he danced around his own lie (haven’t we all) and confused his political enemies. In protecting himself from their “Starr Chamber,” he also subverted justice and, as our elected Chief Executive, lead […]

Welcome to My Blog.

I guess this is what is commonly referred to as a blog.  I’ve never been on one, let alone started one, so I am happily ignorant of the rules and have elected to name this Hubbub. It gives me the feeling that I am in a marketplace where people are engaged in life and not […]

Empty Suits: A Punker’s Refrain

Scrunched blonde hair, ‘cept for the roots, trapped in their laptops, they’re just empty suits!  Empty suits!  Empty suits!   Public schools, training PC shoots, state-run fools wearing, empty suits!  Empty suits!  Empty suits!  Empty suits!   Who do you admire? The straights or the fruits? Stop with your judging, they’re all empty suits!  Empty […]