Archive | March, 2013

Cosmic two-step: A dance with God.

On a clear winter’s morning about 10 years ago I was strolling to work when I beheld an all too familiar sight.  Approximately 25 yards ahead of me, pulled over to the side of the road sat a small, well-used, pick-up truck with its hood open. A man, with an oily battered baseball cap pushed […]

Diss..cipleship or friendship.

“From henceforth I no longer call you servants, but friends.  For a servant does not know what His Master is doing.”  The above, delivered by our Lord at the last supper, was soon followed by the three disciples of His inner circle falling asleep on watch during the most intense prayer meeting of all time […]

Welcome, heretics.

While considering how to welcome you to this site I kept thinking “Relationship takes time,” and I was persistently interrupted by the memory of an almost forgotten dream.  So here goes: There was a large, dark, deep canyon, the floor of its exit was very narrow and its walls were very high.  Issuing on foot […]