in the hands of a loving God.

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  • A trip down memory lane

    When we are in Spirit the elements of time and space, and everything that is contained within them, are transcended. In less than the blink of an eye we can span millennia and travel two thousand years to the land of Israel to the place where Jesus walked “with His face set like flint to […]

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  • Out of thin air?

    Often, in an attempt to glorify the power of God, it is ascribed to Him that He created everything out of nothing. However scripture, that is, His revelation of Himself, contradicts this assumption. A loving Father could never be satisfied by a mere show of strength (although it is reassuring to know that, after all, […]

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  • Up in smoke

    “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Karl Marx. This is true of dead religion, but . . . “Atheism is the opiate of them asses.” Karl baby, what were you smokin’?” See you around.

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